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2019-12-05 - TCG owners purchased 100% UAB AVEDUS shares. UAB AVEDUS providing network security services for business customers and state institutions.

2018-01-01 - TCG owners finalized sale of 100%  TCG Telecom UAB shares to corporate investors.

2017-07-25 - TCG owners sold 100% of Telcoconsulting Group OU shares to private investors.

2017-06-23 - TCG Telecom OU changed its legal name to Telcoconsulting Group OU. Lithuanian and Estonian offices will use united brand name. 

2017-06-13 - TCG owners sold 
100% UAB GIGATELIS shares to private investors.

2016-10-16 - TCG Lithuania become Dell Registered Partner.

2016-01-06 - TCG sold its stake of shares in solar energy company UAB KLAIPEDOS BIOKURAS.

2015-12-18 - TCG sold 100% UAB VERMOSA shares to company management team.

2015-12-14 - TCG sold UAB BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING shares to private investors.

2015-10-25 - TCG shareholders established new company TCG TELECOM UAB which will consolidate retail telecommunication activity performed by TCG companies group. New company main office will be placed in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013-05-20 - TCG acquired stake of UAB KLAIPEDOS BIOKURAS shares - a company working in renewable solar energy industry.

2012-11-03 - TCG acquired 100% shares of renewable solar energy company UAB TET ENERGY.

2011-11-05 - TCG shareholders established new company TCG TELECOM OU responsible for wholesale telecommunication activity. Company main office will be placed in Tallinn, Estonia.  

2011-10-17 - TCG according share purchase agreement sold MVNO EUROCOM shares to Lithuanian mobile operator BITE LIETUVA.

2010-08-06 - TCG sold 100% shares of fixed line operator joint stock company EUROCOM SIP to international investors. It is expected that this deal in the nearest future will lead to creation of the biggest alternative fixed line operator in Lithuania.

2010-04-29 - TCG expanded investments into services provisioning area and 2010-04-29 acquired 100% shares of joint stock company UAB VERMOSA. VERMOSA is a licensed bankrupt administration company successfully working in the market from the year 2002.

2010-01-29 - international calls services provider GIGATEL joined TCG family. GIGATEL will continue provision of international telecommunication services for affordable price.

2009-12-11 - TCG acquired 100% shares of fixed line network operator (FNO) EUROCOM SIP. TCG is planning to expand successful EUROCOM SIP activity in serving business customers by adding TCG know-how and experience in retail and wholesale telco businesses.

2009-10-22 - TCG due to expand services portfolio established new company - UAB Business Process Outsourcing. Main activity of new company will be to provide processes administration services for business customers. 100% shares of BPO belong to UAB "Telco Consulting Group".

2009-08-11 - TCG acquired 100% shares of mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) EUROCOM. TCG is planning to prolong successful EUROCOM activity in serving business and private customers by adding TCG know-how and experience in retail and wholesale telco businesses.

2008-08-28 - TCG establishment date.